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Take-back of end-of-life electrical equipment and batteries

We are committed to being environmentally friendly, so we provide you with easy and free ways to take back your end-of-life electrical equipment/batteries.

The consumer plays a crucial role in the system for the management of electrical appliances and batteries. It is the consumer who decides what to do with old appliances. Old and unwanted electrical appliances and batteries do not belong in municipal waste containers. The consumer must be informed by the symbols below that the electrical equipment/batteries in question do not belong in municipal waste. All new electrical equipment/batteries are so marked. The symbol may be indicated directly on the equipment, on its packaging or in the instructions for use or warranty card.

How to dispose of old appliances/batteries?

  • free recycling of electronic equipment purchased on this site can be done by handing it in at the manufacturer’s address: RITCHY EU s.r.o., Karla Engliše 519/11, 150 00 Prague
  • through ASEKOL’s publicly available collection network for take-back, see
  • via the publicly available collection network for take-back, see


Why recycle?

Not only electrical equipment but also batteries and accumulators contain many recyclable metals such as zinc, iron, manganese, nickel, cadmium or lead. Some of these substances are also very dangerous for the environment and human health, especially mercury, lead and cadmium. Selected batteries are often labelled with the symbol of the chemical elements they contain (Pb, Cd, Hg). By taking batteries and electrical equipment to a take-back point, we save primary raw material resources, especially by recycling the material, and at the same time, we protect our environment from possible improper disposal.

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