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LIQUA is the proud winner of the 4th time consecutive Czech Superbrands Award 2023

Hello world, we are so happy to announce that the Czech premium vape liquids brand LIQUA has successfully defended its nomination and has been presented with its 4th consecutive Superbrands Award 2023, re-confirming again the best in class Czech manufacturing quality, consumer loyalty and trust. We wholeheartedly thank the international panel of jury for such […]

Where to buy LIQUA in Spain?

The holiday season in Europe is full-on, so we decided to give you an update about LIQUA products availability in Spain, one of the most popular holiday destinations. 🌴Our partners from helped us to put down this overview so that you never run out of your favourite LIQUA vape flavour. La temporada veraniega en […]

American Blend classic flavour is highly recognized by French vapers

We are very proud that LIQUA American Blend classic flavour is highly recognized by French vapers and is currently the among the highest rated tobacco e-liquid on with 4.7 average star reviews that came from 81 vapers so far. Big thank-you to the French vapers for such a feedback, the whole LIQUA team is […]

Congratulations to the winners of Liqua Lottery!

Watch the video about the lottery The 1st level prize 3x iPhone 13 Pro 128gb Winner Name​ Eliška F Martin T Petra T Winning Code 50542951750620383512 40364658306240743427 19000327718672983400 The 2nd level prize 50x 50 bottles of LIQUA 10ml Winner Name​ Michal B Marek F Michal J Lucie L David S Martina Š Yulia S Robert […]

Last chance to join the LIQUA Lottery

Last chance to join the LIQUA Lottery in Czech Republic till June 5th, 2022, and get a chance to win one of the three main prizes – the iPhone 13 Pro or one of the 50 secondary prizes – the 50-bottles kit of LIQUA 10ml flavors of your choice. To register for the lottery you […]

LIQUA won its third consecutive Czech Superbrands Award 2022

Ritchy Group is proud to announce that our LIQUA brand of premium vape liquids has been awarded with the third consecutive Czech Superbrands Award in 2022 and we thank all our Czech and international consumers for this appreciation and trust in our product safety and quality. We remain rigorous in the way we develop, manufacture […]

Vaping Demystified Film

Yorkshire Cancer Research (UK) blows away many vaping myths the media loves to distribute globally.

More Effective E-Cig Regulations Could Save Approximately 200 Million Lives

Ritchy welcomes the results of The World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA) study about the possible impact of vaping regulations on the consumers’ quit-smoking behaviour and overall health impact. Thanks for doing this work, WVA team! A recent study conducted by The World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA) together with the Consumer Choice Center, examined 61 countries and their subsequent […]

Ritchy Group joins the UKVIA

We are proud to announce that as of March 1st 2021 Ritchy Group joins the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) to support the tremendous work on the European Tobacco Harm Reduction and consumer education. Ritchy is ready to fight against the massive non-fact-based misinformation about vaping in media and join the forces to speed up the adoption […]

We did it again! LIQUA receives the Czech Superbrands Award 2021

We are super happy to announce that LIQUA has been confirmed to receive its second Czech Superbrands Award and we are very proud of this recognition of our consistent efforts towards quality and innovation in the vaping industry. Liqua has been among the leading brands in the European vaping industry for the last 10 years, […]

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